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We are Micro and Nano Sensing Technology (MANST) lab. Our major research workemphasizes of the nanomaterials with the excellent electrical conductivity for humanbody monitoring (such as motion in various activity, breathing, touch and bodytemperature) and daily biological metabolites. The measured output is alwaysexpressed in form of electrical signals to Infer the degree of physical activity and theconcentration of metabolites, which in later stage is analyszed to promote thedevelopment of the general health and precision health industry. Perhaps manydomestic companies cooperate for the research integration of industry anduniversity.


The biosensor fabrication and designing are based on electrochemistry, and detects the target through the interaction of antibodies with nano-metal materials.

Currently, we have already developed creatinine and albumin biosensors. Both are able to achieve very early detection, and are expected to be applied to the clinical treatment in the future for very early detection of kidney disease.

Physical sensors

Our lab has more than ten years of research and development experience in physical and flexible sensors. The sensors are mainly mixed with metal/carbon nanomaterials and polymers.

When the sensor receives external tension, compression, friction or temperature changes the internal conductive material generates difference in electrical signals according to the conductive path and the degree of electronic transition. Therefore, we can use this feature to develop a wearable device that meets clinical needs.

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